Ducatel supply all kinds of fiberpipes used in most projects for FTTH and backbone structure.


The tubes are used in the drawing in of cable housing, distribution stations, road construction etc. Our DV pipes are widely used in tunnels due. halogen-free materials. 
Please contact us for further information.

Micro conduit

Ducatel supply and stock all kinds of micro tube for blowing fiber cable. The tubes are ribbed internally in order to further improve the blowing properties.


We supply most types of fiber cables used in various applications. From blow fiber, micro cables, duct cables, overhead cables, halogen-free indoor / outdorcables, fiber optic submarine cable and more. Please contact us for further information.


Blowing machines

Ducatel is Lanciere his distributor of blowing machines, kabelwincher, drum carts and other equipment for blasting and installation of fiber cable

cable hangers

Ducatel supplies in collaboration with Lancia a wide range of cable hangers adapted to all needs.

Tools and Equipment

In connection with cable blowing, termination and pipework additional equipment is necessary. Ducatel provides products such as scissors joints for all piping, pipe trimmers, divisible splices, apply thread, warning net mm. Please contact us if you can not locate what you are looking for on our website


Our drainagepipes is corrugated road tubes in polypropylene (PP) with built extension. With the built-in extension the density of joints between the pipe sections optimal.


Dual drain pipe with a smooth interior reduces the risk of drain clogging. Particles parties are not so easy on the smooth inside and with good water flow through the pipes become self cathartic!
All tubes are Nordic Polymark approved.

Pulling sinks.

Pulling sinks. Ducatel AS supplies a range of concrete manholes with cast iron lid and a frame for cable purposes.

Geotextiles & geogrids

We supply all categories nonwovens from class 1 to 5 on projects and geogrids.

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