Pulling manholes

Pulling manholes

Ducatel AS provides cable manholes with ample work space and a large light opening, ensuring an efficient and low-pressure extraction of all kinds of cables. Solid construction and proven design allows for easy installation and fit.

– TK3 has great internal width of 950mm for better workplace in the manhole.

– Pulling manholes have cast in one piece recesses of styrofoam in the manhole wall, designed for connecting cable ducts of varying size and number. The diaphragm recesses makes the sink extremely flexible.

– Rectangular cable manholes from Ducatel AS satisfies the requirements of the Public Roads Administration, oversized axle load of 260KN.

– Foam Field in recess of pressure-resistant foam provides tight pipe penetration through the manhole wall. It can, by means of simple hand tools either cut or drilled holes in the foam.

– 4 pieces lifting anchor mounted on the outside.

– Rectangular tanks are supplied with a floating frame and cast iron lid. Floating frames is adjusted by means of bolts. Monolithic floating frame provides a solid lid and frame construction.

– It should be between asphalt concrete section and cast iron frame.

Type Mention of Contents Number lid Iinternal dimensions
Height External dimensions
Weight in kg complete Cut 1 measure
Cut 2 measure
TK-1 1 720×710 500 920×910 380 500×300 500×300
TK-2 2 1410×710 500 1610×910 630 500×300 500×300
TK-3 3 2150×950 770 2440×1240 2300 500×300 500×300


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