Micro conduit for customer connection

Micro conduit for customer connection

Mikrokabel for kundetilkobling

Ducatel MICRO CABLE 2mm in diameter is very suitable to blow the smallest dimensions of the microtubes, such as 5, 7 and 8 mm. With a small FRP element inside increased the tensile strength, and this makes the cable more suitable for blowing. The cable comes in standard 3000m drums

Ducatel FTTH MICRO CABLE 3.3 mm in diameter is suitable for blowing the most microtubes, with the exception of the the smallest internal dimensions. Focusing on blast characteristics, aramid yarn reinforcement and PE outer sheatht, this cable blowing a very useful product to most FTTH projects. The cable supplied as standard 2 or 4 fiber SM. Standard drum length is 2000m or 4000m



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