Drain pipes inside series

Drain pipes inside series

Our drainagepipes is corrugated road tubes in polypropylene (PP) with built wall extension. With the built-joint is the density of joints between pipe sections optimal. Polypropylene is a material with properties that fit well in the road industry.

– Polypropylene has a low thermal conductivity. This means that storm water pipe is less sensitive to re-freezing and ice swelling. The affected nor as negative by spring thaw and freight charges. Thawing as pipes, concrete or steel. Since the impact strength is still high at low temperatures (lower than – 25 ° C), laying work is performed without problems even if it is minus degrees.

– Polypropylene is resistant to a variety of chemicals and can withstand environments with low pH without negatively affected.

– Polypropylene is age resistant. Our drainagepipes has an estimated minimum life of 100 years.

– Raw material is natural and 100% recyclable.

Measure Number of tubes in package Drop in package Ring Stiffness
200/227mm 23 138 SN8
250/282mm 12 72 SN8
300/340mm 6 36 SN8
400/453mm 6 36 SN8
500/569mm 3 18 SN8
600/683mm 2 12 SN8
800/905mm 1 6 SN8
1000/1130mm 1 6 SN8


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