Blowing machines

Ducatel is Lanciere’s distributor of blowers, cable winches, trolleys and other equipment for blowing and installing fiber cables.

We provide the following blowers:

Microcat: Microcat machine is particularly suitable for FTTH blowing the intermediate blow durations are common with microtubes.

Hydrocat: Hydrocat machine combines the features using air and hydraulic forces in the best way.

Fibercat: Fibercat machine is a blower that only needs compressed air to do the assignment. The machine is very well suited for medium-length blow lengths, and can also blow large cable types.

Maxicat: For blowing in microchannels with 10-20mm  Maskin for blåsing i mikrokanaler med 10 – 20mm outer diameter. A bigger stream of air gives better air blowing.


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