Micro conduit

Micro conduit

Type Drum length Materiale Recommended for cable

5/3,5mm indoor 500M Halogenfri Up to 2,2mm
8/4,4mm 500m PE-HD Up to 2,8mm
8/3,5mm 1000m PE-HD Up to 2,2mm
12/8 mm 1700m PE-HD Up to  5.0mm
14/10mm 1400m PE-HD Up to  7.0mm
16/12mm 1200m PE-HD Up to  8.0mm
16/10mm 1200m PE-HD Up to .7.0mm
20/16 mm 750m PE-HD Max .11-12mm
25/20mm 500m PE-HD Max . 14-16mm

As regards blowing in these pipes there will be variations based on the cable type, stiffness, sheath, temperature etc. so the numbers above must be viewed as a recommendation and is in no way exact! Please ask us about the experiences we have in this context.


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